Fluffykins Persians & Exotics 

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Good Morning Michelle,

Just an update on our Chanel (Sunkissed) at 6 months now.. she brings joy everyday our beautiful girl,I feel so blessed and shes been such good therapy for me especially when my anxiety and panics hits me.

Channie is a couch and cuddles queen and still loves being wrapped up in baby blankey with face and tummy rubs at the same time hahaha....

I hope you are well and so sorry for your loss on recent fur babies 😞 ..

Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Grace Nixon.

Fluffykins Sandman aka Tigger 💙
6 months old

Hi Michelle,

I just thought I would send you an update on Tiggy (Sandman). I just bathed him myself for the first time which went really well. Normally he goes to the Aristocats salon every second Saturday for his spa day but today he was filthy so I had to bath him.

He is such an affectionate, playful boy and still very talkative which is adorable. His favourite toy would have to be his tunnel, he hides in it and lauches out like a rocket at anyone that goes near it.

Thank you again for such a gorgeous boy.

Regards Dani
Hi Michelle
Sorry been meaning to send you some pics for a while now, life is so busy sometimes.
Bella is just so beautiful ❤️
She has turned into a loving cat.
Thanks so much

                             Fluffykins Sandman - Born April 2018

Fluffykins Cheyenne - Born April 2018

Fluffykins Pocahontas - Born April 2018


Fluffykins Sand Angel 

Born April 2018

Hi Michelle,

I just thought I'd send you a quick message to say that Suki aka Fluffykins Key 2 My Hear is doing really well!

She has such a wonderful personality, so affectionate & loving. We're all really happy to have her around. She loves to play & is such a treat!

I noticed you can't facebook message, so I thought I'd send you a quick email to update and a little photo. Hope everything is well your way, 


Update October 2017 

Fluffykins Key 2 My Heart born Feb 2017

Hi matey,

Here's a pic of my most precious girl Cutie Patootie. I just love the crossed arms, she is just so confident. We were having a play & a deep and meaningful - best listener ever!

My son came in so we took this photo for our family wall. She is soooooo amazing, I absolutely adore her & I'm sure she calls me muuuuummmmm, so cute.

Totally head over heals for Toots

Love Kylie


Thank you sooooooo much Michelle

Update November 2017

Fluffykins Cutie Patootie born in June 2014, our first ever chocolate tortie born at Fluffykins. 

She was a fabulous mum & after two litters we retired her & she went off to live with Kylie mid 2017. From day one she has made herself at home & now is the queen of the house. 

What can i say....I did sooooo much research and homework but I always came back to Michelle. Her breeding lines are exquisite. 

Anytime i had 101 questions she would take the time to help and answer them.

So glad i came to her and my god my little girl is just beautiful.

 I will be getting another down the line without a doubt.


Owned by Fluffykins Ima Black Beauty

May 2017

We purchased our bundle of fluff a few weeks ago, a solid black baby boy... Double trouble was his name, and he is the most perfect kitten! Everything from his beautiful nature, bathing, grooming, endless purrs and cuddles is perfect! He is the most well behaved and affectionate kitty and fits perfectly in our family, we can't imagine life without him now! 

Thank you Michelle, you were a pleasure to deal with and happy to answer any questions we had. 

We will happily buy from you again when we are going to expand our family xo

Owned by Fluffykins Double Trouble
May 2017
Photo sent in by Jennifer of him modelling his blue polkadot Fluffykins Couture hairbow.
We are lucky to have Boop for the last 2 years, a perfect cat that fits our family. 

Her nature is gentle, curious, cheeky and loves to be involved in everything we do, enjoys being close at sleep time, t.v time and loves helping me during book work times or reading the news paper with Greg.

Owned by Fluffykins Boop Oopa Doop
May 2017
Photo sent in by owner
We purchased my little fluffball last December as an early Christmas present and he is honestly the most amazing cat I have ever owned. His nature is absolutely incredible. 

Michelle was and still is a pleasure to deal with, she knows these cats better than anyone and is always available for any questions I may have. 

If I am ever after company for my little guy in the near future I know who to contact. xx

Owned by Fluffykins Snapdragon
Feb 2017
Uniquehaven silver Persians are the proud and very happy family of Fluffykins Smoking Heels, aka Evie. 

Evie has been a true delight since day one. This beauty is the only non silver in our boutique cattery/home. 

Evie is a robust, outgoing and extremely friendly little soul. Her healthy disposition is a true indication of Michelle's dedication and perpetual drive to educate herself on not only the beauty of her offspring but the longevity of her adults. 

Michelle's time is never her own, the support she gives to her kitten owners cannot be surpassed and I as a breeder/exhibitor have great respect for her. 

Evie has completed last show season as a Grand Champion and NSW CFA 3rd best desexed kitten for 2016. I have no hesitation and quite often send kitten enquiries to Fluffykins. Grateful as always for our crazy little girl 

Julie of Uniquehaven Silver Persians
Owned by Fluffykins Smoking Heels  -  Feb 2017

I am so happy with Fluffykins Ripcurl! Instantly starts purring as soon as I pick him up. 

Such a gorgeous and kind natured little fella. 

Thanks Michelle! 

Looking forward to seeing more of your Fluffykins cuties


Owned by Fluffykins Ripcurl 

April 2015

I can't thank Michelle enough for helping me pick my beautiful new bundle of joy. 

Fluffykins Kokomo is an absolute delight, he has brought so much joy and love back into my life, he is absolutely perfect. 

Michelle has truly beautiful cats and puts so much love and care into raising them. 

I thoroughly recommend buying a Fluffykins baby, they are just the most beautiful, loving little souls....Thankyou Michelle from the bottom of my heart..:) xox

Owned by Fluffykins Kokomo
March 2015

Kokomo testing out one of his many halloween costumes 2018 

I was lucky enough to visit Michelle as my mum was picking up her kitten, to look at one kitten and came home with two kittens, Maisey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, seal tortie point twins!!! 

I waited well over a year for my girls, I knew exactly what I wanted and Michelle was amazing along the way. She couldn't have been more helpful and we stayed in touch waiting for my two to arrive. 

Michelle welcomed my mum and I into the Fluffykins family. She breeds adorable and gorgeous natured cats. My two girls are so affectionate, beautiful, fun and well behaved (most of the time!)! We couldn't imagine life without them! Thank you so much Michelle! X

Owned by Fluffykins Minnie Mouse & Maisey Mouse - Jan 2015

I love Fluffykins, we love our beautiful Betty, she is such an amazing cat, gentle sweet, great with children, she's affectionate, Michelle is a professional breeder, she delivers every fine aspect into this breed. Thank you Michelle.

Fluffykins A Lil Buffy aka Betty

Born 2013

One of the most beautiful people i have ever met. Her care love and compassion for animals shines through in every kitty she has. Fluffykins Persians is a credit to the cat breeding world.

Rachel Harvey pictured with Fluffykins Beach Babe
Show lacky for Fluffykins Persians & dear friend.
Thank you so much! My daughter loves her new pal, such a pleasure to deal with! X

Fluffykins Wildest Dreams
July 2015

I was lucky enough to adopt Fluffykins Geronimo (Kono), a red Persian boy, 4 weeks ago today. What an absolute delight he is. Kono is the kindest, sweetest, most loving kitten. He settled in perfectly and I could not be happier. 

I took Kono to meet my vet of 16 years and in her words "he is the best Persian I have seen in a very long time - if anyone is looking for a Persian can I give them your details".

My himmi went to heaven the day Kono and his siblings were born and I could not have imagined adopting again so soon. There was just something right with Michelle and Kono and I had to have him. Michelle's kindness and updates helped to heal the grief over my loss and I can't thank her enough. 

Michelle and her kittens are amazing and I unreservedly recommend them to anyone wanting to adopt the perfect Persian. Thanks MIchelle, you, Twinkle and Bosco are now a part of my family.


Owned by Fluffykins Geronimo

October 2014

I also cannot speak highly enough of Michelle & her beautiful cats & kittens (: I now have 2 of her Fluffykins babies & I could not imagine my life without them. 

They are beautiful inside & out with the most loving personalities (: The thing I also love about Michelle is the way she continues to care for each and every one of her kittens after they go to their new homes, I love keeping her updated on how they are going (: xx

Owned by Fluffykins Chloe & Wedding Singer
October 2014

Michelle's cats and baby's are beautiful, her cats are a true representation of her and Fluffykins. 

The care and presentation of her babies are a reflection of the love and care that goes onto her cats. 

I would recommend a fluffys baby to any potential Fluffykins parent if they are after a quality Persian.

Jodie Watts of Sweetcheeks Persians

Owned by Fluffykins Party Jewel 

September 2014

A beautiful & honest caring person who breeds stunning & the highest quality show & pet Persians.
Highly recommend Michelle. Maryanne Bruce Sth Australia former breeder. 
My husband and I have 3 little fluffykins babies from the beautiful breeder Michelle Holden! 

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to adopt our oldest when she was just over a year old and she had the sweetest little nature and is the prettiest little persian I have ever laid eyes on! 

That's how we became owners of two other beautiful babies from kittens. Although they are all from different litters they love each other and were very welcoming to each new addition that joined our family. 

The quality of Persian Michelle breeds is of the absolute highest quality in looks health and personality! 

We can't fault Michelle in anyway or form and she always updated us with photos of our kitties and always replied back to emails almost instantly. She always answers my questions and is happy to help with any queries! 

We would and do recommend everyone to go through Michelle for Persians! Thank you so very much for everything! Jen and Shayne x 

Jen & Shayne, owned by Fluffykins Butterfly Kisses, Whitney & Truly A Miracle - September 2014

We are the lucky family to have Fluffykins Lil Grace come into our lives. 

Such amazing caring love and devotion from Michelle has made this special girl the little princess she is today at one year of age. 

When you have one of Michelles's gorgeous kitties you also have a beautiful friend in her, she is always there to help you out with any advice and a little chat. 

Her cats and kittens are stunning and have the most beautiful personalities. If I could have a house full I would. 

Congratulations on all your successes, you truly deserve it all and may you continue to fill the world with more Fluffykins.


Owned by Fluffykins A Lil Grace

September 2014

I have been the very lucky owner of Fluffykins Chewbacca since 2008. 

My gorgeous chocolate boy celebrated his 6th birthday last month in true Chewbacca style, party hats and all. 

He is the most loving, loyal and cuddly animal I have ever owned. His amazing temperament is a true reflection of the environment which he was born an raised. He greets me at the door every time I come home and isn't satisfied till he has been picked up and cuddled. He sleeps in my bed, waits on the bathroom mat while I shower and is always close by (If not connected too me). 

I have had such a great experience in dealing with Michelle and the perfect kitten she allowed me to purchase that 2 of my family are eagerly awaiting for more kittens to be born so they too can take home one of Michelle's beautiful babies.

Owned by Fluffykins Chewbacca - September 2014

We were looking for a persian kitten for our daughter who has a few health issues, and couldn't believe our luck when kapoochie now Abu, a gorgeous chocolate baby, became available. 

He is everything we hoped for, from the moment we inquired we have felt like he was already apart of the family with photo updates as he grew and Michelle answering any of my many questions.

 Abu settled right in at home with our 3 children and 2 dogs. He is my constant companion when I am home and follows us everywhere, if I am in the bathroom so is he or his feet are under the door, he sits next to the bath tub with his feet in the water waiting for us to get out. 

He sleeps with my daughter every night and has made an incredible difference when she is going through a rough patch, he really helps take her mind off things. He makes us laugh with his playfulness attacking everything that moves, and we love him when he is a sook trying to get as far under your chin as possible. 

He is an absolutely beautiful cat and we couldn't have asked for one better suited to us. 

I could gush on but I won't, Michelle has been a pleasure to talk to and is still answering all my ridiculous questions and giving any advice that I need. It has been a great experience, the only problem being how to stop at one Fluffykins baby! 

Thanks again Michelle our boy means more to us than most people will ever know.

Owned by Fluffykins Kapoochi 
September 2014
I bought my cream Persian boy Hamish (formerly Fluffykins Summer Romance) from Michelle in early 2011. 

As I live in Adelaide he had to be flown over to me via Qantas animal cargo. I was a bit worried about this because I've never had a cat from interstate before, but Michelle personally dropped him off at one end and I picked him up as soon as he landed at the other end; it was so easy and I would have no hesitation about doing it again. 

Hamish is nearly 4 years old now, and he has brought so much happiness to our lives. He follows us around like a little puppy, and always wants to be cuddled. He sleeps in our bed at night (he wouldn't have it any other way) and once he starts purring, he will go for hours. He is also a very outgoing cat and will wander up to our friends and family for a pat even if he's never met them before. 

So if you are looking for a friendly, loving, loyal and beautiful cat then definitely a Fluffykins Persian is the right way to go!

Owned by Fluffykins Summer Romance
September 2014